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Pirámide is a software designed and developed by Sales Laboratories LLC, a partner of TFG.

Based on Excel spreadsheets, structured in Visual Basic, with Access database, and connected to the Web with Lotus Notes, this Software is aimed at providing a tool that allows the Customer to manage and view sales statistics at different grouping levels such as by Salesperson, Area, Zone, Region, Department, Company and to provide a service of validation, integration, report generation and support service of such information, in order to make individual decisions regarding Sales Training and, therefore, achieve significant changes in the behavior of each Salespersons, Store Manager and Area Supervisor.


The Software is installed and implemented from the Central Administration in each Company and adapts to the Customer’s reality. It involves the entire Company as a whole and its architecture is 100% aligned within the framework of the TFG Management Program and with its policies and procedures. It operates with an interface which allows to import Text formatted which allows the customer to import data automatically from the existing software at Customer’s Point of Sale to PMDE database.

From PMDE’s Help Desk and by e-mail, PMDE Software can be maintained and upgraded 365 days a year.

PMDE features the capability to generate n customized goal planning spreadsheets in the Web. We call them Weekly Minimum Planners, WMP. They allow the store manager to input the days or hours worked by each salesperson for any particular week and hence allocating minimums and goals automatically and aligned with the Fair Share Doctrine TFG criteria. Information is collected in a Text format file which later on may be imported into PMDE data base thus consolidating in one location all the information with the one coming from the Point of Sales, POS.

Weekly Performance Summary Sheets, Quarterly Minimums Summary Sheets and graphs are sent to Store Managers, on a weekly basis, from PMDE and in read-only formatted Spreadsheets. They have in one file all the info they need to coach their salespeople.

PMDE allows Supervisors to give the proper coaching to their store managers. By installing the software in their Personal Computers and with a user number and password, Supervisors are able to access to all the Store Data under their supervision scope and in TFG format, allowing them to give an excellent feedback. They are also able to enter the web and visualize each WMP, WPS reports and the Coaching Log of each salesperson posted on each WMP under their supervision.

PMDE Software features incentive reports aligned with TFG’s Management Program, not withstanding the possibility of creating one tailored to the Customer and adjusted to the Customer’s reality, for Salespersons, Managers, Supervisors, etc.

Finally, it is important to highlight that PMDE Software is already installed and operating for some important customers in Mexico, India, Central America, Argentina and Chile among others.