Why a software? Having all the mechanical devices in place such as Policies and Procedures, Management Retail Seminar, Selling Techni-ques courses, you will need to track the performance for each individual and use a web tool to register with a Coaching Log the feedback each store manager is giving to each salesperson to help him improve.
At T-1 Basic Information What basic information will be needed before a meeting is even scheduled between PMDE software consultant and the company's administrator?.
Definition of the POS.txt file and Dimensions What is it the IT guy needs to in order to provide you with the sales PMDE software needs?.
X RAY of a basic POS.txt Let us see now the most basic model of a company that needs to retrieve sales information from each invoice and that needs no Dimensions or filters to accomplish this. Dimensions where explained in "Definition of the POS.txt file and Dimensions" video.