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Sales Laboratories, is a selling and retention consultant company with more than ten years of experience. Its expertise consists in designing sustainable models to help companies increase sales, improve customer service, and adherence.

SLBS understands that it is essential to establish fair success goals to indicate their employees in which direction they need to get motivated and where to concentrate their efforts. It also considers that it is critical to focus on observable behaviors whose results can be objectively measured, promptly and precise.

Why should salespeople and all those involved in improving customer service would like to improve if they do not confront their behaviors against their results? Why would they be prone to improve if there are no adequate incentive systems in place? Why search for progress if they are not given the guidance and support along their roadmap of success?

The most important thing you need to do is to have the correct model in place. We have several handy tools that help our clients in their quest to accomplish this:

1. A structured methodology to define each company’s “Success Tree” where they can insert their principal success variable and its subordinate metrics.

2. A structured methodology to define features advantages and benefits of products and/or services so this knowledge can be standardized in proper templates hence easy to learn and scalable to all their staff.

3. A Selling Techniques and Customer Service training course in a role play mode called: Pro Selling Game, PSG.

4. A Customer Retention Program called: Members Adherence Program, MAP.

5. A Web Based selling and retention statistics tracking tool called PMDE Software including a basic commission & incentive system embedded within the software. The success tree is embedded here as a comprehensive balance scorecard.

6. A customized commission & incentive system vertically integrated with PMDE Software.

Companies such as Prune, Eyelit, Red de Clubes Megatlón, Paruolo, Open Park Wellness Center, Vitamina in Argentina; Opticas Schilling, Rotter & Kraus, Fashion´s Park in Chile; The Friedman Group and Enviro Trends, in US; Wills Life Style, Globus Stores in India; Joyerías Cristal, Librerías Gandhi in México have chosen us to help them design and measure their success pulses week after week.

The theory supporting our programs was presented in many International Forums, in Universidad de Belgrano in Bs As, in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 and in ADM ( Asociación de Marketing de Uruguay) in 2004 and in 2007).